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The Company Molfetas Marble and Granite

BIEKEMAR MOLFETAS Marble and Granite has a long-standing experience in the marble, granite and natural stone industry of over 50 years. The company, since its incorporation, dated back in 1968, has been dealing with natural stones in all their different expressions. Thanks to our experience all those years, the respect for our clients, the efficient optimisation of our factory, production process, machinery, and the continuous research for new high quality materials, we have undertaken and completed numerous projects successfully.

We quarry, process and deliver marble, granite and other natural stones worldwide. Our corporate mission is the will and desire to satisfy our client needs on all types of projects. We are experienced manufacturers, with up to date technology, able to deliver any size of natural stones to any place on earth on time. Our business line and efficient production, storage, distribution network and exports division allow us to meet every demanding project both in Greece and abroad.


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